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Alistair, Head Brewer/Director (left), in Strangers Bar at the House of Commons with Blaydon MP Dave Anderson and Blaydon Brick!

Dave has been an enthusiastic supporter of our developing business and we thank him.

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Iconic Strawberry pub, Strawberry Place, Newcastle.

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Pint to Brim Tyne 9 glasses

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With Dave Anderson at Blaydon Station celebrating increased train timetable there.

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Mystical Range

- Our seasonal beers -

Inspired by the seasons, our Mystical Range is illustrated by artist Wylie Beckert.


pagan queen

4.0% ABV all british blonde beer
All British ingredients including Boadicea hops have created a dry and crisp blonde beer with fruit in the nose and taste.


For Pagan Queen we asked Wylie to depict Iceni Queen Boadicea; war ravaged and uncompromising, during the short lived "spring" of her victory over three Roman cities, now known as Colchester, London and St Albans - Great job Wylie!

Originally a seasonal Spring Beer, Pagan Queen has become a best seller and is now a permanent Firebrick brew.

Tormit heed

4.9% ABV agreeable autumn ale

The word Tormit came from 19th century northern dialect and meant Turnip. Our label shows Wylie's fantastic "Turnip Keepers Lantern" and depicts the legend of Jack O' Lantern, with an added bicycle to speed up Jack's search!

Our rich warming beer should conjure up the excitement and smells of childhood autumn evenings, and Halloween. Tormit Heed (or Turnip Head) is a malty, fruity, deep amber beer. A complex grain bill and hopping give a long palate and many background flavours including toffee, autumn fruits, warm orange, and liquorice.


4.2% ABV beer fro summer evenings

For Heatwave we asked Wylie to imagine a "Wuthering Heights" type scene circa 1800 and depict a "Femme Fatale" pausing reflectively whilst harvesting; set against a backdrop of oppressive summer heat, and fields of ripened barley... we've no idea why we asked for that but are delighted with the result!
Heatwave is our summer beer and uses a small percentage of roasted barley for colour, to portray the horizon where heat scorched earth meets sunset skies; and five types of hops, from traditional English, to new and fruity, plus an addition of premium grade vanilla beans. The result is a warm coloured smooth Summer beer with tastes of light roast malt, spice, and gentle fruit sweetness.


4.1% spiced winter ale

We gave Wylie quite a challenge with Fireglow. We asked for a strange traveller, maybe St Nicholas, but maybe not (we like that she gave him a sword, definately makes it a grey area); seeking rest and sanctuary from the mysteries of the night he opens an inn door allowing warmth and firelight to flood out. Think she nailed it!

Fireglow is our warming winter ale, sweet spiced with Cinnamon bark, Allspice berries and Black Cardamom in the mash. The complex grain bill gives a wealth of underlying malt flavours; British, German and Czech Republic hops are added to compliment rather than override the spice.

Elder Statesman, Coalface and Blaydon Brick were selected for the CAMRA National Winter Ales festival 2014

Tyne 9®



  • Tyne 9® is a black lager and this has caused some confusion with drinkers' expectations. It will not taste or present  like a dark version of a fizzy pint of keg lager. Tyne 9® is a traditional lager beer, more akin to a Munich Dunkel lager or a Schwartzbier. De-husked dark malt has been used sparingly to give the colour and introduce some coffee notes as delicately as possible, a small proportion of medium kilned grain adds maltiness; it is these flavours and the colour that convince some that it is a light stout or porter; however those tastes are also desirable in this style of lager and are intentional - we are delighted that this cask lager has created so much healthy discussion and interest.


    Tyne 9® is best served in its presentation glass to deliver a black and white pint sensation, and allow the drinker to celebrate the football heritage and theatre; from Milburn to Shearer and on to present day; of the magnificent Newcastle United Strikers' shirt and number.

    Tyne 9 is selected for the CAMRA 2014 Great British Beer Festival in Olympia in August.

    Units 10-11, Blaydon Business Centre, Cowen Road, Blaydon on Tyne, NE21 5TW


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